Mineral exploration consultants


Our consulting services focus on what we consider as most important to our client: - his success. Pursuing this goal we deliver, to our client, our knowledge, our technologies and our strategic business visions  without ever forgetting that dialogue and the exchange of mutual experiences will always be essential for our good, fruitful and lasting relationship.

According to this view, below are presented some of the topics about which, individually or in group, we can be helpful to you. Of course, these matters do not cover all of our knowledge and experience and, so, feel free to contact us to seek, together with our experts, the best solutions to your mineral exploration necessities.


We can be helpful to you right from the start of your exploration efforts in Brazil, either providing guidance on the legal aspects of your establishment or advising you in the formation of your own group. We may also assist you in the search for mineral prospects whose characteristics and potentials are deemed compatible with your interests.


Under the latter, depending on your goals we can assist you in finding partners holders of exploration licences in areas of significant mineral interest, such as those shown on the map beside (click on map to enlarge!), authored by CPRM - Companhia de Pesquisa de Recursos Minerais, the Geological Survey of Brazil.


Alternatively, using our knowledge of the metallogeny of Brazil and our ability to acquire and integrate geological, geophysical and geochemical regional information we can assist you in deploying successful regional exploration programmes both in large already known areas, such as those on the map beside, or in lesser known regions, still with  unsuspected potentials.


Finally, bearing in mind the present and possible future changes in the country's mining legislation, we are also able to help you in the preparation and submission of the documents necessary for bidding for exploration areas or prospects put into availability by the governmental agencies.

Areas of relevant interest for metallic mineral deposits in Brazil.


From its early stages, the detailed evaluation of a mineral prospect must be performed after a detailed work plan, in which each of the involved activities such as geological mapping, geochemical and geophysical surveys, drillings and analyses, among others, should be clearly specified and implemented in accordance with proven and globally accepted protocols, so that their results are, at any time, subject to independent analysis, interpretation and auditing.

While the above mentioned plan will benefit of a conjoint elaboration, at your discretion we are able to manage and run your entire detailed exploration programme or, alternatively, we can promote a constant monitoring and validation of your own explorational activities assuring you, through the application of robust quality supervision techniques, a set of reliable insights for decision  about the future economicity of the prospect and, hence, about the continuity of the programme.


Perspective of vertical sections of a mafic-ultramafic body (in green).

Beginning early with the evaluation of your prospect we can give you support for the technological characterization of the discovered ores and the establishment of their preliminary processing routes. Also during the progress of the evaluation activities we can still work with you with data management, quality assurance and control (QAQC), construction of the geological model of the deposit (see picture beside) and the estimation of its resources, usually through geostatistical approaches.

Finally, at the end  of the evaluation programme we are able to prepare, or orient you in the preparation of, a detailed exploration report to be forwarded to the country's government agencies, one of the pre-requesites for the further obtention of mining rights for the deposit. We are also able to prepare you resource estimation reports according to the NI-43-101 and JORC specifications.




Based in our experience and independence we are able to provide you the support you need when trading (farming in) prospects still in very early stages of exploration, especially where no resources are available: - at the light of our knowledge of similar deposits and applicable deposit models,  it will be possible to estimate the economic potential of the prospect, the risks associated with its acquisition, its estimated value and suggestions of trading approaches.

Similarly, to support your investment in the acquisition of mining or exploration projects, by forming a multidisciplinary team of audit and diligence (due diligence) we can provide you with an overview of  the mineral assets involved focused on the analysis of risk associated to factors  such as geological, environmental, market, socio-political, and data generation and interpretation issues, eventually suggesting you additional investigations like the validation of critical data and the check modelling of the resource and reserve bases.