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The idea that lead to the creation of this site - Terra Experts - was to put together and offer to the mining industry, in an unique environment, the tecnical services of a group of experienced and independent professionals, mostly geologists, which, during their past mineral exploration activities, already had the chance of working together thus developing strong and very productive, sinergetic and result-oriented  team bonds.


The professional experiences of the group members cover the full scope of mineral exploration activities ranging  from the selection of regional exploration target areas, the discovery and acquisition of prospects, their further detailed evaluation and the definition of their resources, reserves and economic significance.



Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the market of mineral exploration services in Brazil, we are able to provide you with advice and consultancy for activities that range from the search for business opportunities and the implementation and monitoring of regional mineral exploration (grass roots) programmes, to the specification and monitoring of detailed mineral deposit evaluation activities  according to their best execution practices with the further establishment of its resources in accordance with the Canadian, Australian and Brazilian presentation standards.



Either before as employees, whether now, as autonomous and independent professionals, we had the opportunity to work for several companies, from small businesses to large corporations.


In all these situations our performances were always guided by ethics and oriented towards the provision, to our contractors, of the best fruits of our labor and the application of our knowledge.


At Terra Experts, our goal is to provide you with directions and effective solutions for the secure development of your mineral exploration project in the sense that it becomes a successful mining venture.

The high degree of independence and the wide range of experiences of our consultants will warrant you, at every step of your project, a clear view of its potential and of the risks associated with its development.


"Please be advised that HORBACH - Geologia  e Engenharia  S/S Ltda., based in Porto Alegre,RS (Brazil) has rendered to this company specialized services of geological modeling and estimations of resources and reserves of a copper deposit of our interest.


Executed by  its managing partner, Geol. Ruben Horbach, these works were considered satisfactory  and fulfilling our expectations at the time of recruitment.

Carlos H. Bertoni, CEO.

Mineração Vale Verde Ltda. (Aura Minerals Inc.) - 2010.

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Cunene River - Angola/Namíbia.

Geological mapping of a gabbro-anorthositic intrusive (M. M. Paim).