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Terra Experts, a designation and registered trademark owned by HORBACH -. Geologia e Engenharia S/S Ltda., has been conceived with the aim of offering, to the mineral industry and in an unique environment, of quality mineral exploration consulting and advisory services covering a broad spectrum of activities in accordance with the varied experiences of its participants.
A key feature of the below listed participant professionals is the fact that most of them have had, in the past, the opportunity of working together as team members therefore developing strong and synergetic relationships which should be regarded as positive aspects by prospective future clients.
Still, it should be noticed that there are no formal bonds between Terra Experts and the below listed professionals: - so, they can be contacted and hired directly and individually by those interested in their services, as they may also be part of a larger team of professionals, in this case constituted and coordinated by HORBACH - Geologia e Engenharia  S/S Ltda.

Regarding the latter, it is appropriate to take note of the appended document "Conditions of Use and Disclaimer" which, detailing the relationship between the administrator of the electronic site and the participant professionals, is deemed of importance to the user of this website.
Carlos Nicolau Conte
Carlos Nicolau Conte
Geologist with over 40 years of experience in mineral exploration and marketing of minerals and metals. Has worked for the Brazilian Government in DNPM, RADAM and NUCLEBRÁS. In the private sector, has worked for BHP Minerals as an exploration geologist in exploration for gold and base metals and, later, has been acting for this company`s marketing division selling iron ores and copper ores and metals till his retirement.
Subsequently exercised his professional skills as a Consultant for Amazonia Mineração and currently serves as an Independent Consultant both in the exploration and mineral marketing areas.
Hebert Oliveira
Hebert Oliveira
Geologist engineer graduated at the UFOP – Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto in 2003 and student (Master Degree, in 2016) of Geostatistics at the UFRGS – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, has worked in the industry with several  mineral commodities acting in mineral exploration and mining projects (short, medium and long term), feasibility studies, validation procedures, geological modeling, geostatistical evaluation and resource classification using the latest international methodologies and standards available. He is recognized by his ease in integrating new methods and routines in various phases of mineral production and exploration.
Founded Kgeo in 2013 on the understanding that the brazilian market needs more professionals with entrepreneurial spirit and  focused on developing new businesses.

José Thadeu Teixeira
José Thadeu Teixeira

Geologist with 48 years experience in geological exploration and evaluation of mineral deposits as well as participation in activities for the development of mines involving beneficiation tests and the coordination of Economic Exploitation Plans of mineral deposits. Experience in Iron, Manganese, Tin, Nyobium and Tantalum, Cryolite, Heavy Minerals, Primary Ilmenite, Gold, Copper, Lead and Zinc.
In 2003 he created the Teixeira Consultoria e Serviços Ltda. having performed deposit assessment and due dilligence services both in companies in Brazil and in South America.
Orlando Minuzzi

Geologist (UNISINOS, 1985),Master in Geosciences (UFRGS, 2000) and Doctor of Science (UFRGS, 2005) in Geochemistry, with 33 years of professional experience in the area of ​​mineral exploration and mining. Has worked for large companies such as Paranapanema, EBX / MMX and Sibelco in activities of international scope, where he has developed works with various commodities such as Fe, Sn, Nb, Ta, Zr, F (criolita), REE, Au, Cu, W, Al (bauxite), heavy minerals (rutile/imenite/zircon), Li (salares) and "industrial minerals" (limestone, dolomite, marble, frac sand, feldspar, quartz, nepheline, barite, graphite, agalmatolite, kaolin, ball clay and quartz sands).

With participation in due diligence and economic feasibility studies, has experience in mine Geology, mine management and planning (long, medium, short terms), QAQC, Resources & Reserves, Mining Rights and the elaboration of Capex and Opex expenditures of mining enterprises. Currently, works as an independent consultant in the area of mineral exploration.

R. Horbach
Ruben Horbach

Geologist with over 40 years of experience, is a generalist with extensive involvement in exploration projects for coal and ferrous, base and precious metals covering stages from design and implementation of regional exploration programs (grassroots), to the detail and evaluation of resources of mineral deposits according to international standards.
In 1998 he created Horbach - Geologia and Engenharia S/S Ltda. providing geological consultancy services to major mining companies and Brazilian and foreigner consulting companies.